The future of music

The music magazine where I work recently received a questionnaire on the future of music from a group of college students doing some sort of art project. Somehow it fell to me to fill it out and send it back. I approached it in a bullshit manner, but later realized that I had come pretty close to what I actually think.

1) What is music?

Music is our small attempt to tap into the power of the cosmic vibrations that make up all matter and reality. By imposing an agreed upon order to that small part of the spectrum that humans can sense, we can use these vibrations to mimic certain emotional states and thus communicate with each other via a deeper meta-language.

2) What is your favorite song?

“Beat on the Brat” by the Ramones

3) Is Rock and Roll dead? Why?

No. Jerry Lee Lewis still walks the earth.

4) How will music change in the future?

I think “Western” music will rely less on false Eurocentric measurements and begin to get closer to true expression of individual soul states with little-to-no commercial value. At some point, the Rolling Stones will be replaced by cloned versions of themselves and people will still pay hundreds of dollars a ticket to see them.

5) How has music affected your life?

It has made me taller.


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