Transport Devices

I approached this song as an experiment with the William S. Burroughs/Brion Gysin cut-up technique. I read somewhere that David Bowie had used this technique to come up with lyrics that were enigmatic yet resonant. I was trying to get away from having my songs for the Drogues be so straightforward, and while I failed miserably at that goal, I still ended up with my favorite song of all time. The source material had nothing to do with what the song ended up being about, and it was fascinating to experience how the random phrases combined to become what they wanted to be. Fellow Drogue Mark Smith contributed the killer chorus that really put the thing over the top, especially when we did it live.
News posted—a man of few words
Don’t question—just write this down
Peerage-to-peer—stealing the future
Message encrypted—all meaning gets lost

Thread the needle—unfurl the flag
It’s all sewn up—it’s all sewn up

Alarms went off—during the heyday
Embedded illusions—haunted by truth
Hidden agendas—disclose the identities
A Capitol offense—to tell the truth

Thread the needle—unfurl the flag
It’s all sewn up—it’s all sewn up

Transport devices—they’re body bags

Fix your numbers—skew your percentages
It’s all semantics—there’s no fair trade
Nothing is sacred—handle this quietly
You could be next—got the message?

recorded by The Drogues, released on No Facts That Don’t Fit


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