Springtime haiku

I’ve been student teaching 12th grade English at a high school in Vallejo for a couple of weeks. It’s a relatively new campus built overlooking the last bit of green hills left in that part of the Bay Area. To celebrate the first day of spring, the master teacher took her classes out to the back of the school to soak up the vibes and write a haiku.

I was tickled to see that the view included the very same rock promontory that my friend Pat Kennedy and I rode our bikes out to when we were kids. In those days, that area was still pretty rural and a bull chased us when we cut across a cattle field. Here’s my haiku:

The smell of new grass
and really fresh manure
Here comes the bull, run!

The kids just couldn’t get over the fact that we encountered a bull in Vallejo. Then one of them raised his hand and asked me if we made our own clothes back then.


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