John Swartzwelder — The Time Machine Did It

After receiving this slim volume as an early Christmas gift, I devoured it in one day—laughing my butt off throughout. As the cover so discreetly points out (this fact and the title are the only elements on the front of the book), Swartzwelder is better known as the author of 59 episodes of The Simpsons. The same twisted sense of humor that made the Swartzwelder years so hilarious is in full effect here.

Pretty much everything you need to know is right there on that minimalist cover: there is going to be a time machine involved, and Swartzwelder has proven himself to be a very twisted individual. 59 times, in fact.

The antics of Frank Burly, the world’s stupidest private investigator, found me searching for my Simpsons guide to see who penned Time and Punishment, the Treehouse of Horror episode where Homer inadvertently builds a time machine while trying to fix the toaster. It wasn’t Swartzwelder who wrote it, and maybe this is his way of getting back for not being invited to that party. Whatever his motivation, it’s a hit, and I’m looking forward to cracking open the next episode … ’erm, book.


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