Lost Coast Brewery — Winterbraun — 6.5%

Ahhh, nothing says Christmas like the annual battle of the winter warmers … Let’s get ready to fumble!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am somewhat partial to the brews produced by Eureka’s Lost Coast Brewery; as I only stayed alive during my first year of college at HSU due to their delicious and incredibly generous all-you-can-eat Buffalo wing Happy Hour. Happy hours, indeed.

That said, their winter warmer offering, a supercharged version of their perennial Downtown Brown, pours a ruby-tinted cola brown with a half-inch toasted tan head that dissipates pretty quickly.

The Winterbraun throws a nice strong malty nose with wet straw and yeast notes. The first sip revels an unexpected spicy flavor perhaps due to the use of Saaz hops.

A lot of tasters have noticed a hint of chocolate but with all the Christmas candy around this place, I feel I’ve broken, or at least badly sprained, that particular taste bud. I do detect a nice caramel aftertaste, however, and the beer goes down clean and quickly, calling for another one.

Feliz Navidad

Grade: A


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