Iron Springs Brewery — Rye the Funk Not — 7%

This ultra-limited release by my favorite Marin County brewery has been available strictly as an in-house 750ml bottle until recently, but it’s really worth the effort to get off the 101 and wind your way west to Iron Springs in beautiful downtown Fairfax.

The brewers start with their subtly spicy Chazz Cat Rye and inoculate it with the wild brettanomyces yeast. If that wasn’t funky enough, they age it in an oak Zinfandel barrel and add 30 lbs of Fuyu persimmons. Why? That’s right, Rye the Funk Not.

This creation pours almost like a sparkling wine with a sizzling mouthfeel that says, “There’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s invited!” I noticed almost a nice blended whiskey note and warm alcohol burn holding down the bottom end, with the bretts, rye, and fruit all dancing above.

This beer is quite unlike anything I’ve encountered before and really shows off what Iron Springs is capable of producing, even if they’d rather keep it all for themselves.

Grade: A+


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