Waimea Brewing Company — Captain Cook’s IPA — 5.4%

A Taste of the Islands #9
This brew throws a generous half-inch head that just doesn’t give way. Waimea’s IPA is much darker than most, almost an iced tea brown, but that nose lets you know that this is indeed a hop bomb.

As my tongue is coated in resinous hop oils, I think about how the native Hawaiians considered British explorer/navigator Captain James Cook to be a reincarnation of the god Lono before they wised up and killed him.* The current residents of Waimea sacrifice 15 pounds of hops to make a batch of this beer, an appropriate offering if there ever was one. At 67 IBUs, this is an elixir fit for a god and a perfect closer to a fine afternoon drinking beers and watching the Pacific Ocean for Lono’s return.

* I don’t claim to know anything about Hawaiian history that I haven’t read out of hiking books, surf brochures, and/or beer menus, so I may be way off here. E kala mai ia‘u!

Grade: A+


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