Waimea Brewing Company — Pakala Porter — 4.9%

A Taste of the Islands #11
This porter is the darkest beer brewed at Waimea, and how gloriously dark it is! The Pakala Porter pours as black as a night out on the Kaua‘i sand under nothing but stars. The Pakala’s quarter-inch head quickly reduces leaving some lacing behind, but on a night like this, au natural is what’s really called for.

Moving in close, the Pakala offers up a strong coffee/roasted malt fragrance and invites the first sip. Taking the initiative, I raise the pint to my lips and let the initial hop bitterness wash over my tongue. This brew deserves more that a brief flirtation; to be appreciated, it is to be savored.

The immediate brashness of the hop profile soon gives way to a decadent dark chocolate aftertaste with a bit of espresso/burnt toast hinting at this porter’s English roots.

The aggressive mouthfeel of the Pakala demands attention, and for those daring enough to ride it out, this beer tastes better the longer it is on the tongue.

Grade: A+


One thought on “Waimea Brewing Company — Pakala Porter — 4.9%

  1. Had a drink at a place last night called “Beer Revolution” (3rd @ Broadway, downtown Oakland). There was a scary dude offering samples of his “home brew” and people seemed to really like the brews on offer. Thought of you, of course. Fortunately for me, they had bottled cider, though people kept giving me shit for it. (I went with a neighbor for a Humane Society fund raiser.) Anyway, aloha!

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