Maui Brewing Company — CoCoNut Porter — 5.7%

A Taste of the Islands #12
… and now for dessert! To fill out the Monkey’s half-rack of island brews, what better than Maui’s sweet, dark, and delicious Coconut Porter?

The CoCoNut pours a dark chocolate brown with a mocha colored head that takes its sweet time to fade to lace. There’s a nose of toasted coconut, vanilla, and cold coffee. It almost smells like an Almond Joy tastes.

On first sip, the roasted malt profile dominates but leaves room for a chocolate hit and a really smooth hop finish. This beer has great body and mouthfeel like black velvet (like the paintings, not the whiskey).

This one is all about the balance—and Almond Joy. That’s it in a (coco) nutshell: balance and candy, just like life.

Grade: A-

The recap:
Waimea Brewing Company—Pakala Porter—4.9% Grade: A+

#10 Waimea Brewing Company—Uli Uli Brown—3.8% Grade: B+

#9 Waimea Brewing Company—Captain Cook’s IPA—5.4% Grade: A+

#8 Waimea Brewing Company—NaPali Pale Ale—5.4% Grade: A-

#7 Mehana Brewing Company—Volcano Red Ale—5% Grade: C+

#6 Hawai‘i Nui Brewing—Sunset Amber Ale—5.4% Grade: B+

#5 Waimea Brewing Company—West Side Wheat—4.5% Grade: B-

#4 Waimea Brewing Company—The Fonz IPA—5.8% Grade: A

#3 Waimea Brewing Company—Cane Fire Red—6.3% Grade: A-

#2 Maui Brewing Company—Big Swell IPA—6.2% Grade: A-

#1 Kona Brewing Company—Limited Release Wailua Wheat—5.4% Grade: C+


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