I Can’t Help It: My Celeb Crush

This was a tough one; the question posed was, “Who is your celebrity crush?” As we don’t have television here in the holler, or read the entertainment tabloids as a rule, I was hard-pressed to even say who rates celebrity status these days. I imagine the ranks are swelled by a lot of reality show … would “contestants” be the right word?

After trolling my browser history, I remembered a certain fondness I’ve engendered, a minor celebrity, but I think she could take on any of those New Jersey dimwits without having to put down her well-thumbed copy of the OED.

Merriam Webster associate editor Kory Stamper, who does “Ask the Editor” videos for the website, is my celebrity crush. Why? She’s awesome … smart, attractive, seems to really dig what she does, and plays into that librarian fantasy that we all have but no one wants to admit. Shhhhh!

I love the way she closes her eyes, tilts her head back, and shakes it (ironically? perhaps, but it is a subtle aspect, almost meta in its subtext) as she cites an early critic, “[Webster] and his book were derided for including horrible, vulgar, American slang.” A lesser actress would have come off like a sallow hipster and not a linguistic nymph.

Stamper’s segment on the Octopuses/Octopi debate is brilliant. Octopodes is my new favorite word, even if I have to end up moving to the UK to drop it.

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2 thoughts on “I Can’t Help It: My Celeb Crush

  1. I too have had a longstanding crush on Mrs Stamper. The world is full of celebrity bimbos. OK and Hello and all the other gossip mags pursue the seldom beautiful, mentally inadequate stars of reality TV and worse. By comparison, here is a beautiful woman who can take a potentially dull subject for a minute or two and make it fascinating. She deserves to be a role model for all young women.

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