Bad Dog #4 — Kelly/Greco — March ’11/Image Comics

It is hard to believe that it’s been over a year since we last saw Lou the werewolf bounty hunter and Wendell the severely twisted, pint-sized ex-preacher beating holy hell out of a bunch of vampires down on the Mexican border. What could be better than that? What could be worth the wait and lead us to forget that we forgot all about this crazy-ass book? Vegas, baby! (Drink).

Bad Dog picks up pretty much where it left off: Lou is dangerously hung over and talking to the severed head that lives in a plastic bag in his fridge, while Wendell … well, we are mercifully spared what he has been up to. The double-page spread of the two of them riding into Las Vegas as the acid kicks in proves what a perfect combination of script and art can achieve once all sense of propriety and decorum has been abandoned.

Writer Joe Kelly has set up a couple of interesting plot points that will hopefully pay off in the near future, including, but not limited to: a really smokin’ hot minion mixing up a vat of toxic brew for what may or not be the devil, a really smokin’ hot prostitute who is enjoined to escort Lou through the Vegas wilderness, and a mysterious high roller who is waiting for the werewolf to quit tripping enough to meet with him. Oh, boy.


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