200th Post! The Drogues: Dutch Oven Demos

In celebration of the Monkey’s 200th post, we’re slinging a blast from the past, a splatter from the bladder: the piss ’n’ vinegar No Fact’s That Don’t Fit demos recorded by the Drogues at The Dutch Oven in Alameda.

Just listen to those scrappy young(er) kids before they fell victim to the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle and became bloated caricatures of themselves. Smith, you remember that time you drove the car into the swimming pool? Ha, me neither.

Sit back and enjoy these angry broadsides from a distant time when the government was lying to everybody, we were embroiled in a couple of wars overseas, and the price of gas was going through the roof. Thank goodness that’s all over … what? Oh, Drogues, where are you when we need you?

Blank Check Face (KC Mix)
Don’t Change the Subject
Gunboat Diplomacy
Perfect Attendance Record
Secret Camera
State of the Union
Transport Devices
Westworld (KC Mix)


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