Gotta take either more of it or less of it #666

So, I’m sitting on the patio of a coffee shop in Arcata … and I know what you’re saying, “Of course weird shit is going to happen, it’s Arcata,” and that’s fair, but hold on.

I’m outside with my wife and the pup, just kicking it after a stunner of a day, and who comes out, does an over-theatrical stretch, and stands there looking out at G St.? Death. It’s the most beautiful day I’ve ever seen in Humboldt County, I’m enjoying my coffee in the waning sunlight, and fucking Death shows up.

Now, I’m well aware that it there’s a chance it was some person dressed up like Death—the flowing robes, the big white skull for a noggin, gloves (which is surprising since I always had Death pegged for a hands-on kind of guy)—but I have to ask, yet again, would that any less weird?

Being the curious—and occasionally not very bright—type, I ask, as many would, “What up, Death?” Big mistake. Big D was just waiting to tell someone that we were on the cusp of something called Walpurgis Night. Death read the blank look on my face and offered, “It’s like another Halloween.” Fair enough. Is there candy? ’Erm, … no.

Death went on to explain that it’s more for witches than the more inclusive “All Spirits” kind of affair. Traditionally there are wild dances, bonfires, and orgies … and that’s when Death acknowledged the awkward conversational turn. “We probably won’t go that far tonight,” Death back peddled.

OK, Death, if you’re reading this, sorry we slipped out, but you know, shit to do and all that. As busy as you must be, I’m sure you understand. Catch you later (way later, I hope). I’m sure you’ll end up with the opportunity to screw me before it’s all said and done, just not right now.

But, I’m sure that’s what they all say.


One thought on “Gotta take either more of it or less of it #666

  1. Death? Man…times are strange when you meet Death in Arcata instead of the usual getting gassed by patchouli-wearing hippy posers or spare changed by Pete (was that his name?).

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