New Avengers #15 — Bendis/Deodato — Sept. ’11/ Marvel Comics

With Fear Itself hijacking the storylines of all major Marvel titles for the time being, it was a nice surprise to read what was essentially a stand-alone, action-driven peek at an over-looked, tertiary character this month. OK, I’ll just come out and say it: Squirrel Girl rocks.

A former Great Lakes Avenger hired a few books back to nanny the baby of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Squirrel Girl Doreen Green stuns everyone at Avengers Mansion by handing Wolverine his … erm, pelt, in a backyard throw down.

Green admits that she took the job thinking that once she was in the manse, the Avengers would want to invite her to join the team, however, when the chips are down, she realizes that she has bonded with the child to such an extent that its protection has become her only priority. A battalion of flying Nazi battle tanks between her and her charge only pisses her off.

Not such a good idea. Squirrel Girl 1, Nazis 0

Stupid Nazis.


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