Sure, if you put it that way!

Just for kicks, I ran the Monkey through one of those “Rate My Blog” widgets. We received an “R” rating “based on the presence of the following words: fuck (1x), rape (1x), balls (1x), death (5x), and shot (1x).”

For the record, the editorial staff at plasticlovemonkey would like to categorically state that these five words, devoid of context, provide at best a skewed picture of what the Monkey’s all about.

Although everyone here at plm headquarters (hidden somewhere in the foothills of the Mt. Tam watershed) certainly does enjoy a good roll in the hay, it should be understood that said hay rolling should only involve consenting adults.

As for balls, while we do theoretically appreciate when someone shows that he (or she) has them, when it comes down to it, our true concern extends no further than our own.

The Monkey realizes, as we are still slouching toward enlightenment, we cling to the false ideal that death, as an unavoidable part of life, should be avoided if at all possible. Unless you are a rapist, then fuck you.

Shots, on the other hand, the Monkey endorses wholeheartedly, but usually when someone else is buying, and even then, maybe three and we’re done.

The staff would like to apologize for any delicate sensibilities we may have offended in the past, and would like to look at this rating as an opportunity to revisit our mission statement and make certain that we are still offering the best in smart-assed commentary in a way that is inclusive rather than exclusive … but that’s not very fucking likely.


2 thoughts on “Sure, if you put it that way!

  1. I don’t mind your swears. I of course had to run my through and only got a PG13, for the 4x use of “shot.” Er, em….ok.

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