Villains for Hire #3 — Abnett/Lanning/ Arlem — April ’12/DC Comics

After last month’s shocking ending when Misty Knight seemed to prove her villainous cred by taking down her ex-partner in Heroes for Hire while in the crosshairs of a rifle scope, Abnett & Lanning turn up the juice with the Purple Man’s rival crew closing in on her Control HQ.

Deftly manipulating a team of villains with questionable loyalties, Knight defends her base while losing her team one by one to rumors that she is actually a “white hat” and the appeal of better money on the other side. When the odds finally run out, Knight drops her big reveal, which calls back to the beginning of the most recent Heroes for Hire run.

Has Misty Knight been manipulated once again, or is something else going on? With one more issue left in this mini-series, one can only hope that Marvel gives Abnett & Lanning one more shot at this. It’s too much fun to let go.


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