Mission Brewery — Shipwrecked Double IPA — 9.25%

This beer glows like pilfered Aztec gold with a three-finger head of bone white that leaves plenty of lacing on the glass. As expected, this beer is tantalizingly hop-forward with hints of orange, lemon, requisite grapefruit, and—surprisingly—subtle cinnamon.

The liberal use of Cascade, Centennial, and CTZ (Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus) hops places Shipwrecked right in the wheelhouse of a West Coast IPA, but the addition of Magnum hops by the brewers at San Diego’s Mission Brewery hints at a distant misspent European lineage.

A healthy grain bill insures that this hop bomb is balanced out; the mouth feel, while astringent, is creamy and full-bodied. Most remarkable is the fact that at 9.25 percent alcohol, this brew delivers all the heat with no burn whatsoever. This is not a beer to drink while piloting oil tankers or other water craft.

Grade: A+


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