One Man’s Manifesto (Pt. 2)

Here is more distilled essence of what I’ve learned in 46 years on (and occasionally off) this earth. These suggestions may or may not work for you. Contents may have settled. Objects are closer than they appear. As is your doom.

#11 Do not blurt; think before you open your mouth. No one is called an idiot for carefully considering a well-measured response.

#12 Declarations of love (or friendship, or solidarity), however, should not be postponed. Life is short.

#13 Things that should never be lent out: knives and guitars … actually, anything that can kill or maim if used correctly.

#14 Don’t curse so much, Goddamn it! What the fuck is wrong with you?

#15 Be kind to others—even if they’re rude pricks. This will either show the error of their thinking or get them to drop their guard so you can punch them in the neck.

One Man’s Manifesto (Pt. 1)


One thought on “One Man’s Manifesto (Pt. 2)

  1. I have heard there are places with beer and sake in vending machines, so I might have to make an exception for #2.
    #3- word.
    Damn I always get #11 and 12 mixed up.

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