Odell Brewing Co. — Runoff Red IPA — 6.5%

RunoffRedIPAA seasonal offering from Fort Collins, Colorado’s Odell Brewing Co., Runoff Red IPA pours a splendid sunset red with very little head or lacing. A surprisingly sweet nose of tangerine/blood orange hints toward a malt-forward backbone, one that ultimately provides this beer with its luxurious mouth feel.

Even on paper, this beer is less hoppy than many West Coast IPAs. At 50 IBUs, it sits right in the bitter center for the style (40-60). Although the label boasts a dry hopped stage, the malt profile completely dominates, hops providing only a residual bitterness on the front of the tongue.

Although Odell may have missed the mark stylistically—Runoff Red is an excellent amber—its drinkability and sumptuous body leads one toward forgiveness.

Grade: B-


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