One Man’s Manifesto (Pt. 6)

If you have the good fortune to stay alive 48 years, you can’t help but learn a few things. I hope this saves you some of the trouble. If swelling, discoloration, or bleeding occurs, put down the list and notify your physician.

#31 Pretend that you belong somewhere, and people will usually assume you do.

#32 Never. Call. The. Cops. There is no bad situation that can’t be made worse by the addition of the authorities.

#33 Stay limber. You will be glad you did when the cops show up and/or people finally realize that you do not belong.

#34 For fuck’s sake, keep your hands off of your fucking face! Stroking your chin in a pantomime of deep consideration is, in reality, anything but. This is how you get sick all the time.

#35 I was a smart kid but not very wise. Now, I’m wise as hell but still do things that aren’t very smart. Endeavor to be both and see where you end up.

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